Like atoms are combined to form molecules, molecules form materials.
Entropy does that with music. Individual notes are combined to form melodies and melodies condensing into songs.

Creations which are solid as matter ranging from gaseous clouds to dense metal.
Entropy is represented by a group of seven people who share a common interest in complex music without loosing the feeling for melody.


These people are:
Maaike Breijman - Vocals, piano
Esther Ladiges - Vocals
Erik van Duin - Guitar
Tom Kuilboer - Guitar
Stephan Stoop - Synthesizer
Martin Stoop - Bassguitar
Daniel Krom - Drums

Their roots

The history of Entropy stretches as far back to 1989, when Erik and Tom presented their musical ideas to Martin. Then, Daniel got convinced by the material and joined shortly after. Before Casper joined, they already did two gigs at small festivals.

The demo tape, "It's time" led to a contract with the German record company Gorgon Records, where they recorded their first CD, "Become a God". That CD introduced Stephan as their future keyboard player after Casper was forced to leave the band due to personal circumstances.

With Stephan providing the mood setting synthesizer, they gathered the material to record the 3 track CD, "Perception". Just before they were scheduling the recordings, Maaike joined the band. With her arrival, the overall sound of Entropy changed definitely.

With "Perception", Entropy landed their next contract - this time with Xymphonia Records. And now, almost 12 years later, there is "Echoes from the past", which, in many ways, is an appropriate title. This CD also introduces Esther as the 7th member.

Over time, the music of Entropy has been categorized as: symphonic metal, progressive metal, melodic heavy metal and gothic metal. As a constant, Entropy still describes its music as "Cortex Metal", since it is music from the brain.

Their music ...

The music itself sets a different kind of environment, apart from the usual heavy metal "noise". The members individual style complement each other, producing a music that's tight and locked. The keyboards define the mood of each song, while the guitar riffs and bass lines are distinctive and melodic. The vocals prove that one doesn't have to growl to sing heavy metal songs.

For them the quality is more important than the amount of music produced. Every production made its own impact to prove that.

Don't be misguided through by their recording activities because on stage they're able to bring forth the same sound.

Solid and complex; like the matter itself.

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