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Enric Pascual

The history of Dr. No starts in the summer of 1999. The band CAT from Salou has issued their first album “CATACLISME” and is preparing new songs for a second album. But then, the band split-up. Enric Pascual (vocals and drums) starts to seek for musicians to form a new progressive rock band. Previously Enric Pascual had been part of other progressive bands, like TAXI and HARNAKIS.

Enric Pascual contacts Conrad Dubé, Barcelonan moved due to work to the Tarragona region, who accepts the challenge of starting-up the neo-progressive project of Dr. No.

For some months the band works with CAT keyboardist Rubén Vilarroya as a threesome. In those days the seed for “EL BUFÓ DE LA CORT” is planted.

Later on Dani Anguera joins the band on guitars. With these members, and a temporarily collaboration of Peter Vall on keyboards, the band develops a style with Genesis and Marillion as a reference.

Dr. No bids for elaborative songs, experimenting with sounds and searching for new melodies and musical structures, where the duration of the song doesn’t matter, but that every single song is a small piece-of-art. From 2000 up till now, Dr. No dedicates to compose and give shape to the band. The result is a home-made recording with a brief sample of the band’s music, where “EL BUFÓ DE LA CORT” shows up, a song that clearly depict their musical style. This recording, in which Dani Anguera acts also as a sound technician, includes other songs like the ballad "No se el teu nom", "El fet diferencial" (a non-progressive song that breaks with the band’s style), "Lil.liput Part 1" and "Estación Pirenaica".

Tiana festival 2003

At the end of 2001, Enric Pascual and Conrad Dubé decide to produce the first professional recording and enter the studio Entrepins de Tarragona. With Jaume Moncusí as sound engineer and keyboardist (he was a member of the historical jazz-fusion band Metamorfosis), and with the collaboration of Pere Mestres on guitar (former CAT) they record their first album “EL BUFÓ DE LA CORT”.

Oriol Garcia, Barcelonan guitarist, collaborates during some months with Dr. No (shows-up to participate at the venue in Tarragona on 28/9/2002).

The actual live formation of the band, apart from Enric Pascual at the vocals and Conrad Dubé at the bass, includes Raül Cid at the keyboards, Abel Benito on the drums, and the Bulgarian Vilislav Pankov at the guitar. With these formation Dr. No landed at the Costa Brava the 24 of January 2003 at Tossa de Mar.

Dr. No have been semi-finalists of the contest Sona9 (Enderrock, Catalunya Ràdio and Televisió de Catalunya), have been selected at the contest D.O.Tarragona organized by the Municipality of Tarragona, and were semi-finalists of Tarragona in the GamaRock contest (TVE, Ona Ràdio and Gama 2 Management).

“EL BUFÓ DE LA CORT” has received as an independent release very good reviews in the symphonic and progressive scene. A review showed-up in progVisions E-zine (www.progvisions.net) and thru internet it has reached places like Monterrey (Mexico) where it has been included in the lists of the radio program EUFONIA (www.eufonia.net). In November 2002 the Dutch recording company Xymphonia Records (www.xymphonia.com) got interested in the work of Dr. No, and finally the 15 of February 2003 an agreement was signed between Dr. No and Xymphonia to publish “EL BUFÓ DE LA CORT” for Europe and the rest of the world. The album will be presented at the Tiana Progressive Festival of this year (10 May 2003).

Dr. No are:

Enric Pascual - Vocals and Percussion
Conrad Dubé - Bass and Vocals
Vilislav Pankov - Guitars
Abel Benito - Drums
Raül Cid - Keyboards

2003 - El Bufó de la Cort


At the moment the band is working on their second album that will be called
"Guerrers de Mitjanit" ("Midnight Warriors").

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