about us

The Xymphonia foundation was founded to strive for three main goals and Xymphonia Records is just one of them.

Our main goal is to promote symphonic and progressive bands in The Netherlands and abroad.

Secondly we want to give Dutch bands the possibility to perform together with bands from abroad. We already organized two small festivals in The Netherlands. Abraxas[Poland], Triangle, sQuare 4, Asgard [Italy], Entropy and Plackband.

Third but not last goal is to give talented progressive bands the opportunity to make their own CD. The first release on the new Xymphonia Records label is the second CD "Echoes from the past" of the Dutch band Entropy.

where can you find us ...

Xymphonia Records

P.O. Box 2441
7302 EP Apeldoorn
The Netherlands

Email: info@xymphonia.com
website URL: http://www.xymphonia.com

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Note: Also have a look at our media section where you can find mp3 samples of our Xymphonia releases.